Research xenotransplantation

Optipharm produces transgenic animals for xenotransplantation

by ensuring that specific genes are accurately removed or stably



We research how to manufacture vaccine antigens based on virus-like

particles (VLP vaccine), a technology that is expected to increase the

stability and immune effect, which have been problematic in existing



The phage division of Optipharm Co., Ltd. uses bacteriophages whose host is

bacteria as an alternative to antibiotics to solve the problem of infectious

diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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    Animal Disease Dignosis
    NO.1 KOREA
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Xenotransplantation A leader in supporting human welfare
through the recreation of the value of life

Xenotransplantation is a process undertaken to resolve the problem of organ shortage, in which organs, tissues,
or cells from the animal of one species are transplanted to an animal of another species.

Transformation technology
Technology for Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) and Cloning
Technology for Breeding Transgenic Pigs

VLP Vaccine Preparation of a safe vaccine antigen
without the capacity for infectivity and proliferation

With insect cell based VLP vaccine antigen production technology (OptiVLP™), we established a system in which it takes less than six months to complete a process spanning from selecting target genes to securing seeds for vaccine production.


Bacteriophage Safely and effectively
removes pathogenic bacteria

We secured about 400 excellent bacteriophages that are effective against pathogenic bacteria,
applied for a patent, and carried out a number of studies, which ultimately led to a successful
commercialization of bacteriophage products.

Animal Diagnosis ‘Useful life resource’
obtained through
animal diagnosis

By approaching the issue from a range of
perspectives, we are making a more
professional and accurate diagnosis of
animal diseases.


Medipig We provide animal models for biological and medical research for the treatment of incurable human diseases

Through the research and development of miniature pigs,
we are mainly involved in the sale of miniature pigs for
laboratory animals and contract research organization (CRO)
to contribute to the improvement of human health and welfare.